m-powered for marine

The marine sector is the true passion of m-powered.global as it continues to develop and provide advanced energy related solutions into this sector.

m-powered provides a range of products to the marine sector including;

  • energy storage modules in 12 Volt,  24 Volt,  48 Volt, 144 Volt and 600 Volts (8 kWh - 380 kWh), for house power and propulsion applications,
  • m-powered saildrive propulsion systems 6kW - 60 kW for both pure electric and hybrid (diesel/electric) systems
  • m-powered shaft driven systems in the  60kW - 250 kW power range, 
  • a range of deck gear and equipment operating at the higher, more efficient 48 Volts, 
  • advanced technologies supporting short-handed sailing and energy independence for sailing vessels.