Tech Notes

Hybrid Drivelines in Sailing Vessels

16th November 2021
This Tech Note explores hybrid drive systems in sailing boats. It is a significant discussion for smaller sailing vessels as the hybrid market is dominated by much larger systems that do not seem to scale down for smaller boats in the 20-250 kW power range, and in particular the 20-60kW saildrive more


9th August 2021
Hydrogenation in the marine sector is a relatively new concept that has arisen as part of the electrification of sailing boats. It broadly relates to the generation of electricity by an electric motor by dragging a propeller through the water, causing the motor to spin and creating electrical more

The Transition to 48 Volt Equipment on Sailing Boats

22nd July 2021
The opportunity to migrate deck gear and equipment from 12 and 24 Volts up to 48 Volts is rapidly approaching as equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) attempt to address the problems associated with high electrical loads demanded from energy hungry equipment as well as the general increase in more

Terminology for Battery Electric Marine Systems

12th July 2021
Each discipline has its own language and terminology and it can make for hard work trying to have a conversation with someone in a completely different field of work – just try having a serious discussion with nuclear physicist or an astronomer. This Tech Note explores the terminology that more

48 Volt Propulsion Challenges

1st July 2021
As sailing boat owners turn from diesel engines to battery electric motor propulsion systems, there have been projects in which the system design is unable to support the power demands of the motor. This is typically occurring in the 48 volt sector due to the popularity, safety and availability of more