about us

m-powered.global enjoys a multi-decade history of advanced battery and propulsion systems and technology development in the mobility sector, with developments operating in some of the harshest environments on the planet.

m-powered.global is passionate about providing energy related technologies that assists the transition from fossil fuel dependence to battery electric propulsion in marine sailing vessels.

The passion for providing battery electric systems into sailing yachts,  now drives our quest for technology solutions that address the two largest challenges facing the marine sailing sector; 

  • developing a pathway that transitions away from fossil fuel dependency into low carbon operations and energy independence, and
  • providing advanced solutions that enable short-handed operation on sailing yachts.

Both these challenges are inextricably linked as they involve the development of technologies that will result in more connected,  'smarter' vessels,  providing increased energy independence and enjoyment by operators due to labour saving technologies.

m-powered.global is also excited to offer m-powered modules into the industrial,  recreational,  and humanitarian applications due to the suitability of m-powered modules, which feature; 

  • high portability,
  • high energy density,
  • high cycle life,
  • rapid deployability,
  • flexibility in operation,
  • ability to operate in harsh environments, and
  • mission critical reliability

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